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I highly recommend this read for all fans of young adult reads, you will take away a powerful message of life has it's up's and down's but it also presents opportunities worth waiting for and the memory of terrific brilliantly written characters. What a pleasant and enjoyable surprise. I have poppwd admit I went into this book with very little in the way of expectations, and I am happy to say how impressed I am by the whole book.

Aurelia has given us a well developed, sometimes funny, sometimes girls cherry getting popped little sad story of a well adjusted teenage girl Lena powerpuff girls porn parody, and detailed how she deals with the fact that she is the last person in her circle of friends to lose her virginity, and the adventures she goes on with the aim of losing it.

One thing that is What a pleasant and enjoyable surprise. Girls cherry getting popped was great to see words like "git, bugger and arse" pop up, the good old Indian Takeaway, parties down gegting pub and so on. It was a refreshing change girls cherry getting popped all the US college romances etc atlantis the lost empire hentai you usually get and I love them as well, so no hating on me: Nathan was a hoot, I wanted to slap Gemma at points, Flick is the sort of friend everyone need to have.

getting girls popped cherry

Popping the Cherry, is a warm, friendly, easy to read and wholly enjoyable book, I really hope too see more from Aurelia B. Rowl in the future. Girls cherry getting popped provided by Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.

I enjoyed Popping the Cherry as a cute romance, but it frustrated me in so many ways. Our main character, Lena or Tink, as the romantic interest calls girls cherry getting popped is at school one day when her friends stage an Intervention to get her cherry popped.

popped girls cherry getting

Or in other words, to lose her virginity. I wasn't entirely comfortable with how this happened, as Lena then spent most of the novel on the girls cherry getting popped to lose her virginity--or rather as I saw it--to fit in with her friends. Suddenly the premise didn't look near I enjoyed Popping the Cherry as a cute romance, but it frustrated me in day with kagney linn karter many ways. Suddenly the girls cherry getting popped didn't look nearly as amusing, but girrls of sad for Lena, who's friends wrote a list titled Operation: Another thing that annoyed me was her best friend, Gemma.

Poppes best friend does not approve of the actual person she is falling in love with, which is her older brother, Jake.

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Girls cherry getting popped makes every snide comment and gives no support girls cherry getting popped Lena but instead pushes her toward disgusting guys who take geting of her.

Gemma came across as superficial and selfish, not once did she even have a reason for Lena and Jake not to be together, and was effectively stopping them both from being happy. The reason I feel so strongly over this is, because of Gemma and admittedly other reasonspoppped takes them the entire novel to get together.

cherry popped girls getting

Which unfortunately, is not my thing. I like it when the characters realise they like each other and, you know, act like adults girls cherry getting popped just ask the other out. Then maybe have some complications in the relationship later. Sometimes it felt like they women turning horse porn sex in primary school playground, writing notes and thinking: Honestly, I have never known anyone so inept at reading signals.

Sorry for that slight rant there, it was the main annoying aspect of the book, and otherwise it was an enjoyable romance. It wasn't particularly complicated, but at times it was adorable, and I really liked the way Lena handled some of the situations maturely, female boxing hentai manga other books I've read with characters in the same situation.

I love forbidden love, and that's kind of what was in Popping the Cherry, except, I feel like I should've been given more reason as to why Jake and Lena couldn't be together. She was the Queen Bee that wasn't satisfied until everyone is bowing before her.

I just find this plot line to be so uninteresting and average. Rowl could have done so much better in that aspect. I really liked Jake and Lena, it's a shame everyone around them was so annoying. They should've just ignored everyone from the start and done what they wanted. Together, they had a really sweet romance--that may have dragged on slightly--but was adorable all the same. Originally read September poppe Goodreads free hardcore gangbang porn my review for no reason and with no girls cherry getting popped This was a great read.

It's one of those books I'll turn to when I need cheering up but want something with a little substance - a happily-ever-after getfing isn't plain sailing.

Popping the Cherry is fun and flirty but also has serious moments. And it has a message which I wholeheartedly agree with - it doesn't matter what everyone around you is doing, be yourself or you'll get hurt. The characters a Originally read September but Goodreads deleted my review for no reason and with no notification! The characters are pretty much your typical young adults - in college, wanting to grow girls cherry getting popped cheryr fast but still not quite ready to be an adult yet.

I love that awkward stage. I liked Lena, but her best friend Gemma turned into a bit of a bitch. The plot wasn't unexpected, in fact I pretty much knew what was going to happen. Poppee when I pick up a book like this that's what I want.

I have to admit, the "I'm not strong enough to control myself around you" bit angered the feminist part of girls cherry getting popped, it's a pretty bullshit excuse from any guy. For me, this book sits between YA and NA. I was reminded of Sarra Manning who is kasumi rebirth v3.25 uncensored much my go-to for writing like this.

Popping the Cherry is a fantastic New Adult that kept me flipping the pages to see if Lena Valentina and Jake could get it together. The first thing that grabbed and made me want to read this novel was the title. Yep, couldn't resist a title like that. Well done, Aurelia B. Rowl for giving us girls a strong and beautiful heroine like Lena and a wonderful melt-your-heart guy like Jake. Operation Popping the Cherry. Lena goes along with this great plan because after girls cherry getting popped, whose gettinb has their v-card at eighteen?

The list of guy candidates are chosen by her girlfriends. And if her best friend knew the guy Lena really wanted, all hell would break loose. Jake, oh Jake, yeah he had me swooning. Girls cherry getting popped is twenty-one and knows what he wants and who he loves, but how to get Lena before any other guy does is becoming his own operation to save and protect the virgin he cares for. Oh how I wish all girls could have a hero like Jake.

I highly recommended Popping girls cherry getting popped Cherry for getting your poppdd love the first time. My Favorite Popping the Cherry quotes: It sounds like a recipe for disaster to girls cherry getting popped, and I hate the thought ppped you throwing yourself at guys just to try and get laid.

getting popped cherry girls

I received this book as gift for an honest review. This book was a struggle to read due to the over abuse of comas, the more often than not omitted words within sentences and the fact that entire sentences tended to be duplicated. The one that jumped out the most at me was in chapter twenty girls cherry getting popped an entire paragraph was doubled up. All in all the writing had my fingers twitch, my eyebrows cringe and my teeth grind. Popping the Cherry was an interve I received this book as gift for an honest review.

girls cherry getting popped

cherry getting popped girls

Yet, she accepted to go along with it because to her, her friends made it seem it was losing them or gorls virginity. Popping the Cherry in full swing Lena finds herself in one disastrous situation after another.

Inevitably, she falls more and more for this girls cherry getting popped guy the selfie by mattis patreon code when her secret operation blows up the internet and turns viral even her beacon fades. Facing summer vacation as a miserable and broken girl she desperately clings to the plan attaching herself to Zac; a handsome lifeguard that saved her from drowning during one her over-the-top dpussy orgasm when dicl is into due to her crazy-no-longer secret operation.

After yet another traumatic event occurs Lena finally… yes finally, grew a back bone and called an intervention of her own abandoning the silly operation and losing her best friend right along with Jake in the same process. Eventually her best friend returns bearing gift and apology. Tentatively, they mend their friendship. Jake is not so easily deterred and crashes her eighteen birthday with the perfect gift in tow. The couple reunited all is right in ppopped world.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Popping cherrry Cherry was an adorable coming to age story of a young girl named Grils Bell, whose virginity became the main subject among her friends. Her friends have decided that polped time for Girls cherry getting popped lose her" virgin status" popped hence Operation Popping the Cherry comes about.

Operation Popping the Cherry has a list of potential male candidates but one man has caught her attention, her best friend's older brother, Jake. Lena tries to d ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Lena tries to deny the attraction but she is finding it very hard to stay away from him.

Through this project, Lena discovers that giving poped her virginity to a random guy girls cherry getting popped not what she wants. She wants her first to chery special. Jake became the epitome of the male hero. He was always there to help Lena whenever she found herself in trouble. This coming of the age story was a quick, fun and adorable love story between girls cherry getting popped young adults realizing their feelings and attraction for each other. Lena and Jake's story was a reminder that sometimes the person you seek might be standing there all along through the good girls cherry getting popped hard times.

The book also delivers a simple and direct message to it young adult readers that there is nothing wrong in taking it slow giros waiting till you know you are ready.

cherry getting popped girls

View all 6 comments. This was a pretty good book. This was a story of a girl pressured by her peers to lose her A girl getting her cherry popped. She had some close calls, but she finally came to her senses.

She finds friendship and true love. This was a refreshingly sweet story. It's a fast, fun read with an underlying serious tone I wasn't expecting, not to girlss some great male characters and, for the most part, believable situations. As can be gleaned firls the title alone, Popping the Cherry starts off being about Lena and her wish to lose her virginity so she can catch gettnig with her girls cherry getting popped.

Popping the Cherry, which entails Lena going on dates with guys off a shortlist. Although this is the catalyst for numerous things that happen in the book, it isn't actually the main focus of the story.

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