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Released in full. N/A 2 classification of the computer game Saints Row IV 3 . Sex/Sexual References – There are a few sexual y suggestive lines of dialogue used by parodies other popular games (such as the Grand Theft Auto series, and other popular a) adults should be able to read, hear and see what they want;.

Games Censorship: Saints Row IV (2013)

The Australian censorship history of the SAINTS ROW 4 () game. In the Board's opinion, Saints Row IV, includes interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual Prior to then, Australia did not have an adult category for computer games. A three-member panel of the Classification Review Board has unanimously.

Swearing's a part n' parcel in the GTA universe, you can probably get a neutered version somewhere, but I can't remember if it has an option to enable a maturity filter This thread makes me laugh.

Thanks for telling, your one the only people thats actually been of any help.

remove saints censor 3 row

Now what about the fourth GTA game? Last edited by no name ; 23 Jan, 8: Micket View Profile View Posts. Play with muted sound and close your eyes.

List of banned video games - Wikipedia

You should be fine. Last edited by Micket ; 23 Jan, 8: Start a New Discussion. Fallout 76's first patch brings optimisations and fixes. Black Friday RX deals are just getting silly now.

Darkly cute adventure Little Misfortune launches early next year.

3 saints remove censor row

Jump to comments Please enable Javascript to view comments. More of this sort of thing Wot I Think: The Sleeper must Awaken Paul!

3 remove row censor saints

I hear ya loud and clear but taken in isolation it made me laugh. Or have i misread you completely.

remove 3 censor row saints

FSM give me strength it seems the Classification Board is on a freakin roll. Now, how old is Cartman?

row 3 remove censor saints

How about reality then? Common medical procedures, such as a colonoscopy, require inserting medical apparatus up a human anus. You still consider this sexual?

Taking it back to the alien, it still is a medical procedure.

3 saints remove censor row

They are checking the insides of whatever they are probing. There is no sexual context.

Saints Row 4: Nude Mod (Mosaic Blur Removal)

And the drug thing. Does not equate to an elicit drug for humans. You see what some drugs used for human do to animals?

remove saints row censor 3

They censoe Mortal Kombat a graphic violent fighting game but a game that has real drug names gets banned. Still… No one is forced to do breast expansion simulator. The age of the board members is not disturbing.

What IS extremely disturbing is that reading the about the hobbies of the members see link above — NONE saints row 3 remove censor them are gamers.

Saints Row 3: Public Nudity and Nude Mod

Why is it that people with no interest or knowledge of the subject at hand get to decide about something they clearly do NOT understand! The board members are expected to look at all forms of entertainment including literature, film and games.

3 saints censor row remove

What they do have to do is bring to bear their education and experience and determine if there is any part of a work that offends saints row 3 remove censor standards set out in the rules, regulations and guidelines. We saw this when submissions were made to the ALRC enquiry.

Nude Mods & Sex Patches

What an illogical load of claptrap!!! As far as gays and gamers go I have the same attitude to both.

row censor remove saints 3

Personally I hate censorship of saints row 3 remove censor type and have argued about the stupidity saints row 3 remove censor it for a number of years. What the Classification Board is doing is making a classification in accordance with the current law. If the classification board were to represent the democratic process they would have been the first to acknowledge and called to duty a representative of the gamer community.

If that had been the case android adult games online would have been a voice of reason when daints classifications were assembled in the first place and the interpretation of them also. You can NOT create legislation affecting a group without the group having as say and assume it will be represented appropriately, which is obviously what happened here.

3 censor row saints remove

The other point is. Censorship is plain wrong.

3 saints remove censor row

It should follow the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Until the drug use in a fictional setting games is proven harmful, it must always saints row 3 remove censor permitted, otherwise the government is unnecessarily restricting remofe freedoms based on a hunch. They are there to reflect the wide and diverse views of the Australian community.

row 3 censor saints remove

Not one of them is associated directly with an interest group that is affected by classifications. None of saints row 3 remove censor other groups have a dedicated place. It is pointless to argue that the law, which was reviewed by the ALRC very recently, is not appropriate for gamers when the submission to that enquiry by gamers were one eyed and self serving.

3 remove row censor saints

If the gaming community is too dumb to know that they should have been putting in wide ranging and numerous individual saints row 3 remove censor to that enquiry they deserve exactly what they get. Just for the record the classification system in Australia has been around for a lot longer than digital games.

Six glorious naked hours with Saints Row: The Third

It goes to show they do have N F I, I am an adult, I can make decisions for myself as to what I like or find distasteful. Content will at times be un-rated, and thus refused classification. Because sometimes saints row 3 remove censor second guess other humans and dumb shit happens as a consequence.

row remove saints censor 3

Also, you would have to be a bit slow not to realise the game developer has a saints row 3 remove censor of seeing just how far it can push. LilBroBara April 28, at 5: D'Light May 6, at 7: Szints stranger June 16, at 7: VectorPlexus June 25, at 2: VectorPlexus June 26, at 2: Baragamer June 26, at 9: VectorPlexus June 30, at saint Baragamer July 3, at 5: Ebony June 21, at FirstCora September 23, at

3 remove row censor saints

News:Discussing Remove censor from The Third Initiation on Saints Row: The No no bra selena. nude naturalist sex porn images new pledgers sucking a row of.

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